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ACT Now!

Develop close reading skills through guided collaborative practice.

Close reading books for Grades 3–8 contain six units, each linked by a common theme with three reading passages of increasing length and complexity.

  • Expose students to a wide range of genres and text types.
  • Consumable student books encourage annotation on the page.
  • Collaborative conversations build speaking and listening skills.

Teacher’s Guides include links to key standards and suggestions for citing text evidence. Model Lessons for Close Reading Professional Development Book helps scaffold the close reading process.

“ACT Now! is a resource that will help your students become more proficient readers, while saving you time and offering the support you need to make close reading a regular experience in your classroom.”

—Amy Miles, a teacher in San Diego. Click here to read her full story.

For more information about ACT Now! en español, click here.

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ACT Now!

  • Student Book Sample Page: Close Reading and Collaborative Conversations
  • Sample Page: Write About the Text
  • Sample Page: Read and Write Across Texts
  • Sample Page: Teacher's Guide
  • Sample Page: Teacher's Guide
  • Sample Page: Teacher's Guide
  • Mini-Lesson 10 Introduction to Annotation
  • Mini-Lesson 14 Understanding Argument Prompts
  • Mini-lesson 16 Identifying Text Evidence to Use in Writing
ACT Now! Grades 3–8 Classroom Set
  • 36 Consumable Student Books (6 copies of 6 titles per grade, 176 pages each)
  • 6 Teacher's Guides (1 per grade, 128 pages each)
  • 6 Model Lessons for Close Reading Books (64 pages each)
    Grade 3 - 8
Format Print
Product Code: WW-Y22546

PRICE $575.00

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