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Product Finder

Shared Reading/Read-Alouds

Introduce key text types and literacy skills through shared reading and explicit instruction.

  • Literary big books engage students in enjoying stories and learning to read fiction.
  • Content-area big books build nonfiction comprehension and academic knowledge.
  • Foundational skills big books develop understanding of literacy and language.
Shared Reading/Read-Alouds


  • Shared Reading Classics

    Fiction Big Books by Brenda Parkes
    Develop early reading strategies through rhyme, rhythm, and repetition. Beloved classics engage young readers with familiar tales and characters.
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Content Area

  • Content Connections Big Books

    The only K–2 Big Books that explicitly teach concepts, text structures, and nonfiction text features.
    Develop the ability to read informational text and understand content-area concepts. Engage students with real-world topics and photographs.
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  • Shared Reading Foundations

    Informational and Literary Big Books combine beautiful illustrations with rhythm, rhyme and repetition to develop foundational skills.
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